Saturday, October 13, 2012

Site of the Week

This Site of the Week is all about you.

The site Mark and Angel Hack Life consists mostly of Cosmo-seeming headlines ("10 Ways to a Happier You!"), but upon inspection they are actually pretty fabulous lists. This week we focus on "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind"; personal favorites include #3 (If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?), #23 (Have you been the kind of friend you want as a friend?) and #50 (Decisions are being made right now. The question is: Are you making them for yourself, or are you letting others make them for you?).

Make yourself a cup of coffee (tea, water: you get the idea), grab a notebook and a pen, and roam around this site of the week. You are apt to find something good.

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