Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Balance: Do You Have It?

HoneyFern is struggling to find some balance, but, as with most things, it gets worse before it gets better.

By worse, I actually mean exponentially better, if busier and more chaotic. Good things are in the works. We have two new students, three potential board members, some angel donors in the works, and a plan to move forward. So much goodness!!

Until this all comes together, though, I, the sole teacher, marketer, webmaster, grantwriter, HR/payroll/accounting, recruiter and social media manager, am seriously busy. The priority is always the students, so they are the bulk of every day, but when they leave, the afterburners kick on, and away I go - planning, calling, writing, emailing, marketing, meeting, organizing, planning, planning, planning.



I have found in the past that if I just put my head down and do it, it gets done, but so do I; I get done. Grumpy. Overwhelmed. Not joyously happy. Amazingly enough, the thing that helps me speed up is taking a few moments to slow down. Go for a hike. Cook a meal (not just making dinner - BIG difference!). Paint. Write. Rub the horse. Lay on La Petite's bed and watch her bop around her room. Things like that. Nothing complicated, expensive or hard. Sometimes I have to schedule these interludes (irony), but if I don't they won't happen.

This is a joyful thing I am doing here, this lovely school, and in seeking balance, I remember to enjoy the fruits of my labor, and it makes me a better person.


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