Thursday, October 18, 2012

Best Day Ever? Possibly.

How can you dislike a day that ends with a picture like this?

Today was the first day with both new students, and the best description of the day may be cheerfully managed chaos. Highlights:

  • Ella's earthmover working.
  • Quinn helping Brie, our youngest student, get started on her earthmover and treating her like a little sister
  • Sicily demonstrating her veggie oil heater
  • Will persisting in the face of exploding hydraulics
  • Monica taking the leap and starting to work in English on math
  • All students discussing the effect of the recent debates on the Stock Market (unprompted)

This is the best school ever, for sure, and it is all about the kids and watching them be amazing. I get to do that every week, and I feel intensely privileged to do so.

So lucky. So grateful.

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