Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Following the Circadian Rhythm

I cannot think of an excellent reason to not nap at 2 pm, and this article backs me up.

Keepin' it European...

Realistically, I have eleven million things to do today, and I am not speaking hyperbolically (well, maybe a little). I have identified a property for HoneyFern that I am trying to go see today, and I have also found a potential angel donor (and am working on a couple others. If you would like to be an angel donor for our move, please contact me!). I am working on email marketing plans, lesson plans and plans for next week when students are on their flex week (still working, but at home).

I am planning a possible overnight field trip to swim with manatees in Florida at Blue Springs State Park and also calling about a high ropes course in North Georgia.

I have two scheduled phone calls.

I need more coffee.

Have a beautiful day!

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