Saturday, October 6, 2012

Site of the Week

This post idea is shamelessly stolen from something retweeted on my Twitter feed (@HoneyFernSchool); I am going to attempt to remember to post one site every week that has made an impression for one reason or another. They may or may not be entirely related to education, and this week is sort of, kind of not really related.


Simply shameless.

Fall food pictures have been coming out for a couple weeks now, and they are enough to make me forget I just ate lunch. For their contribution to the obesity epidemic, food photographers should be regulated as strictly as a 16-ounce soda in NYC.

But I digress.

The Site of the Week is pretty straightforward: simple fall suppers, photographed from above. Nothing too crazy about that. The best part is that they are all delicious, simple and don't have super-exotic ingredients. When you want to cook something fabulous on a weeknight, these are your go-to.

Oh, and a bonus: we are re-growing celery, inspired by this blog. So far, so good!

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