Saturday, November 12, 2011

Writer's Block

It is National Blog Posting Month. It is also Saturday, I am sleepy and I have no idea what to write about. We just got back from hunter-gathering (doughnuts from Dough in the Box. Best. Doughnuts. Ever.) and saw a hawk eating some type of waterfowl on our front lawn.

NaBloPoMo is for "dedicated bloggers," of which I am only partially one. I enjoy writing, and I enjoy sharing information with people, but sometimes I don't have much to say, or much that I feel is interesting, or I have something to say but it requires more time and effort that I am ready to give at a particular moment (e.g., the PARCC Common Core Standards final content was released yesterday. They merit thoughtful time and attention, but all I want to do right now is eat a blueberry fritter, drink coffee and stare out the window. I will get to them on Monday). This is problematic when your charge is to blog faithfully every day for 30 days in a row.

So here is my effort at faithful blogging today. Tomorrow I hope to be more inspired (and inspiring).

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