Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How About Some Decent Resources?

 I have run across some interesting links in the past week, links to technology that are easy to implement and use immediately, from organizing your Twitter feed to finally getting into a Google+ hangout to cutting and pasting pictures without copyright violations (helpful!).

I am also including one most excellent link for hands-on "upcycling" projects for the crafty types. The holidays are a-comin'. What better time to make something?

Over 14,000 free digital resources including lesson plans, downloads, PBS programs (e.g., The America Experience) and more. Organized by grade, subject, adaptive or assistive technology and media, this is a searchable database. And free! Did I mention free?

Free online language learning program with 60 languages and 3+ million lessons by native speakers; these lesosns are heavy on vocabulary and offer multiple opportunities to practice. No need to commit to one language or sign up for anything, either, which makes this a very attractive option for the person who wants to learn multiple languages without having to memorize eleventy-million passwords.

Make your Twitter feed “stream” out  of your screen! Cool tool for organizing and sequencing tweets. Possibly excellent idea for a classroom Twitter account.

A great article on how to integrate and use Google+ hangouts in online learning; good resoource for those of us with limited time to explore the possibilities of Google+, or those of us who are clinging tightly to Facebook and having a hard time seeing what is so special about Google+.

Sound, image and other media, absolutely copyright-free. Given the recent report that 10% of all college papers plagiarize Wikipedia, best to start early on copyright law!!

Have a great day!

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