Friday, November 25, 2011

Resource Day!

We have just finished turkey at Nana's, tody to Uncle Sock's, then Redwing Farm, then home. Thought I'd leave a little something for everyone to do over the Thanksgiving holiday, just in case things get a little tedious or your football team isn't on (or winning!) or youa re sick of the commercialization of the holiday.

Google+ Resource

Our first site is a compedium of troubleshooting, suggestions and plain old descriptions about Google+. This may be old hat to some of you, but for others, the idea of moving to Google+ from Facebook is daunting. Perhaps this will help!

Mathematical Art of M.C.Escher

A lovely YouTube video of the master of matehmatical arts. We are starting a tesselation after the holiday, and this is a good jumping-off point, especially for the more artistically inclined student!

Unit Plan Based on TED Talks

An excellent way to integrate critical thinking with traditional research skills. Great for odler students; most of the talks are high school and older. This also allows for tons of student input; indeed, the student selects the topic and tailors the project.

National Book Award Finalists Read

And finally, for those of you in a turkey-induced food coma, how about some National Book Award finalists reading from their nominated books?

Sigh. Don't you just love the holidays?

(Big shout out to our housesitter who is probably snoring on our sofa or zoning out to the big screen. Thank you!)

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