Thursday, November 3, 2011

Good-bye, Jim

So I am supposed to be blogging daily this month on education, or our school or fieldtrips, or something at least partially related to learning, but this morning all I can think of is this:

This is Jim, our sweet rescued retired Mennonite carriage horse, and he is on his way to a trail riding outfit in Blue Ridge, Georgia later this morning. They will give him a great home, he will have a fun job, and I think he is going to be happy.

Trouble is, I am going to miss him terribly, and so will my other horse, Sadie. They love each other.

There are all sorts of reasons why this is a good thing for Jim, perhaps the best thing for him, but I am still sad to see him go. Sadie is my first horse ever and has a special place for me, but Jim, who came along quite by accident, has been squeezing his way in my heart right next to Sadie in the three months that I have had him.

I will miss him.

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