Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Adopting a Stream - the First Post

This blog is a sort of placeholder for what I hope is a student-written blog in the next couple days. HoneyFern School has adopted Olley Creek in Austell, Georgia as our very own; for the next year we will be responsible for chemical monitoring, bacterial monitoring and biological monitoring (the last two won't be in place until the spring when we get trained). We spent yesterday morning shin-deep in the creek, checking dissolved oxygen levels and pH, and generally enjoying the fall sunshine.

I will elaborate on our experiences if one of the kids doesn't step forward with a piece of writing in the next couple; pictures will be forthcoming also! Suffice it to say that this one training brought together nearly all of our lab and biology experiences thus far and gave everyone an opportunity to show their smarts and apply their learning in a way that matters, makes sense and is very, very real. What could be better than that?!!

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