Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Many Good Things

First and foremost, we have our first completed project: Ella's chicken coop. Ella joined us in the 2nd quarter of this year, and in that time, she managed to design and build her chicken coop and build an incubator to hatch a chick (which may, unfortunately, be a rooster). Her small flock of five fancy chickens are growing happily in their new home.

Secondly, Will has made good progress on his go-kart and is getting  ready to order his clutch and mounting bolts for the engine. Witness going from here:

To here:

And finally, more progress on the tiny house.

We have nearly dried in the house, with the exception of two dormer triangles and a door, and I put out a call for help with the metal roof; I am pretty well scared of heights, and it is not safe for La Petite to be up on the roof, so I asked if anyone would be willing to help out by donating their labor and time to put the roofing on.

Not only did Kurt Waggoner of Dr. Roof step up to do the labor, but he also brought along Gulf Coast Supply and Manufacturing to donate the missing bits and pieces of roof (which were actually quite substantial) and is also working on a siding supplier to donate the siding.

This is excellent news, and we are so grateful to have been fortunate enough to hook up with these two people/companies. Apparently, Kurt is known for donating his time simply because he likes to help, and Gulf Coast Supply has helped quite a few people, as evidenced from their Facebook page. They support education, and they are involved in their community. Just what the world needs more of!

HoneyFern is off to the Wahsega 4H camp on Thursday and Friday this week to get our experiential, environmental education on; have a great week!

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