Monday, April 15, 2013

Chickens Are Home To Roost

She did it. Ella finished her chicken coop.

Here's where she started:

Or maybe more accurately, this is where she started:

And here is her lovely coop, completed, with little chickies running around and getting bigger every minute:

The peeps are now pullets, and Ella has about 8 inches less hair:

She also built a coop for my chickens as we moved them from one house to another; I threw together the chicken yard with recycled scraps and have fewer chickens, so it's not quite as shipshape as Ella's beautiful creation:

Busy girl! Ella could not have done it without her parents, Mandy and Kyle, both of whom have rallied around this project and helped her get it done in just under four months (including building her own incubator and hatching out a chick, which may turn out to be the only rooster in the flock, unfortunately).
What's next? Designing and remodeling the playhouse next to the chicken yard is the plan, but we will have to see what other ideas Ella comes up with. Maybe a little garden next to the chicken yard/playouse? Mandy would love that!

Ella is the first student this year to complete her project, and I couldn't be prouder of all that she has done!

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