Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tiny House Construction, and a Nod to the Siegel Patriarch

This may be turning into a Siegel family project.

My late father, Marty Siegel, was famous for his contruction projects, many of which started and ended with demo and consisted of countless trips to the local Ace Hardware and 64 Lumber yard in Middletown, Maryland. The tiny house will be completed, but thus far our construction days have been held up by lack of materials or wrong materials. We have still managed to keep moving forward, and our plan is in place to have framing done by the ed of February, with help from La Petite's Indiegogo fundraiser. Eek!

Construction began in earnest on the tiny house this week, ending with the Eco-Foil on and floor joists in place and the quest for a table saw. Hopefully we will get the subfloor on by the end of the week, as we are going to the Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop in Orlando this weekend (hello, 76 degrees and sunny!).

In film:

(Yes, Nana, La Petite knows the difference between plywood and a 2x4. She was nervous. La Petite is actually pretty shy. This whole video thing is a big deal for her.)

In pictures:

Taping together sheets of Eco-Foil like we were a little tipsy. There is a learning curve. And a tape curve.

Stapling it to the sill plate.
That moment when you realize your 5 1/2" lag screws should be 5" lag screws. Off to Home Depot. Hey, we needed insulation anyway. 

Laying out lag screws to attach the first 2x4.

Teamwork. Stapling the Eco-Foil to the frame.
Nailing in floor joists.  The nailgun was an experience. Daddy-O was not keen on her using it, but I pointed out that it will be very difficult for her to build her own house if she is not, in fact, allowed to use the nail gun. Safety first. Only with supervision. Technically there should be some eye protection also. #NextTime.

Nearly finished.


And all of it summarized by the video above. We did this work in about three and a half hours, including the trip to Home Depot. It is great to look out in the driveway and see it taking shape.
Today featured a fruitless search for a table saw, so if anyone has one they would lend out, and you're local, give us a shout!

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