Saturday, January 19, 2013


I sit here feeling profoundly grateful today.

La Petite has launched an Indiegogo fundraiser to build her tiny house, and people have responded in big ways. I was expecting a smattering of donations here and there, but people have given generously: strangers, anonymous people, friends, family. In four days she has raised $920 and is approaching her goal of $1,500.

This is a beautiful thing that I don't think people understand. When you take a moment to give what you can, be it $5 or $500, you are not just handing over cash in support of a project; you are supporting the entire institution of progressive education and declaring your belief in a 12-year-old girl and her desire to build a house with her own two hands.

I am grateful for your support of this project and your support of HoneyFern. It is literally changing lives for students when you believe enough in them to give of yourself, your time and your money. In this tough economic time, it says something when you are willing to give what you can, no matter the amount.

Thank you.

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