Friday, January 18, 2013

Blogroll: Kids Write

It has been a long short week - same length, flew by, but felt long. Perception of time is wierd!

No real blogging this week, except for the kids. We have five student blogs in various states, and I thought it would good to post them all in one place. Please take a moment to read and follow them; leave comments and ask questions.

Ella: A Girl And Her Chickens - Follow Ella as she incubates a dozen eggs and designs and builds a chicken coop!

Sarah: Greenhouse Girl - Sarah is designing and building a hydroponic greenhouse with salvaged windows and advice and help from Atlantis Hydroponics.

Alec: Random Pixel Person - Our newest student is designing and programming a 3D game; he is using Unity 3D and also learning how to draw IRL.

Will: Go, Kart, GO! - Will is perhaps farthest along on his project; he is currently writing a persuasive letter to get a paint job on his go-kart frame and looking ahead to fundraising for an engine.

Sicily: La Petite Maison - Sicily is in the materials gathering stage of her tiny house; follow her to see a house go up!

Some of the students do not yet have a "follow this blog" link, but please be patient. They are all a work in progress!

Thank you for your support of these students!

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