Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Today's Lesson: Do It Right, Or Do It Twice

The Child and I had an unbelievable day yesterday discussing design and building the model of the tiny house (she was the builder, and I was the questioner). Amazing how much a small model can teach you.

For starters, if your model is not to scale, there is a good possibility you will create blueprints that locate windows in the middle of doorways and knees sticking out into the kitchen when you are using the bathroom.

Another important thing to note: getting a building to square is going to be challenging. Getting a foamboard model to square was tough, and there are still gaps. This is something to pay very close attention to in the building stages!!

We talked about the Golden Section last night before bed, as well as the Fibonacci sequence. Today she will present her model to the school and ask for feedback, then finish a re-build of the interior to accomodate what we learned about scale (be consistent!) and storage space (at least 100 cubic feet of storage per person in the house). If you would like to follow the progress of the tiny house, please head over to Le Petite Maison and follow The Child's blog. She is planning on blogging three times a week on her progress and would love feedback and comments on her work.

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