Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Flying By At The Speed Of Life

We are already halfway through the third week of school, and I think this year is going to fly by. So many good things are happening, and so quickly.

As we move into September, here is my list of reminders for when things start whizzing by too quickly:

1. It doesn't all have to be graded. In fact, very little of it actually needs a grade. Most of it, if planned properly, is in service to the big picture and will grade itself by contributing to the project, or not.

2. Relationships matter most. Taking time to develop them with my students, my child and my family are the things that make the school what it is. Paying full attention to the story of the weekend and the morning meeting are critical.

3. We need to go outside every day. Watching the seasons pass puts things into perspective.

4. Say yes more than we say no.

And finally,

5. Keep the most important thing the most important thing. Whatever it is, make sure that is where the focus remains.


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