Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tending the Seeds We Sow

This morning two related messages were delivered:

1. Organic tomatoes are a thing of the past.

2. The EPA needs to ban chemicals that result in hive collapse.

This got me reflecting on my little garden, started so optimistically in early February; it has become a bit tired and neglected. My snap pea crop failed and squash borers got my yellow and butternut squash plants. Strawberry production has been horrible (plenty of green, hardly any fruit). My fennel has grown wild, gone to seed and is now affected by some wierd something or other that is causing it to die in sections. My dill is leggy and gone to seed.

This is a metaphor. When we don't tend what we plant, it goes to seed, dies off, becomes subject to dangerous outside forces that threaten it.

Today I am going to get back to my little garden; I am going to weed, trim the paths, and tidy up the beds. I think new plantings of fresh late summer veggies are in order, and maybe some flowers.

It is time to tend the seeds I have sown.

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