Friday, June 22, 2012

Reading Assignments

Just gathering a few interesting pieces of reading from the week; there is never enough time, and there are so many interesting things to see online. I am, of course, conflicted about spending time in front of the screen instead of out in the world, so I attempt to gather what is interesting and check it out later. Some is academic, some is just interesting, and a couple are videos, so no reading at all.

Starting out with a video from the History Channel, just to be ornery, of a man building a tiny house for a show. I'd like it think it only took 42 minutes, but I am pretty sure it didn't. As I look at these beautiful houses, including those built by the incredible Bear Creek Carpentry Company, I get a little intimidated. I believe the  key will be to move slowly and steadily. We may also need a benefactor and a mentor. Another vid of a solar cabin, possibly the direction we are heading, but who knows? It's a lot to take in!!

In less fabulous news, the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma completely destroyed a resident's medicinal garden. I am sure there is more to this, and I am planning on following it. Can't see why this would happen.

This morning brings a report that gifted kids are dumbing themselves down to fit in, a phenomenon I have experienced first-hand as a teacher of the gifted in public school. The result of this is that gifted kids become intellectually lazy and their gifts don't seem to give them any advantage, academically. Many end up doing really poorly. But, hey, they are cool, right? Plus, this study is out of Australia, so maybe it doesn't apply to the US. Ha.  #wise up!!

A landmark monograph in gifted education, which is too academic this morning, and thus will be put off for awhile.

To end sweetly, I have been looking at the benefits of cinnamon and honey and dreaming of bees. Summer time. Today I will be checking in on my first batch of mead, and hopefully scoring some glass jars from Freecycle (best place ever, if you can respond quickly to emails).

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