Friday, June 15, 2012

Resources From The Week!

Just a  few resources from this week...

Ten incredible short films made from short stories; incredible stuff here! Great for a rainy day (or a black smog day, as we have in Atlanta).

Stuck on what to read? has created a handy flowchart of classic literature for high school students.

If, when reading, your mind begins to wander, remember that you are not alone.

If you missed HoneyFern's posts on the art class we are taking this summer, check it out here. Right now we are taking an online class, but Flora offers in-person retreats and classes, too. I am sure there will be other online classes, too.

HoneyFern is also incorporating more yoga into the day, and here is one of the videos we are using; each of these is about 15 minutes long, perfect for the reluctant or time-pressed yogi. If you are at work, just be aware that the audio starts when you click the link.

And finally, The Child has decided that she would like to take a cooking class, so we are exploring our options online first; America's Test Kitchen (home of Cook's Illustrated) offers an online cooking school with a two-week free trial. We are starting this Monday. We may also look at the Top Chef cooking school, but that seems more geared to recipes than techiniques . Technique is everything! Now if only our tomatoes would grow faster!!

Have a great weekend!

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