Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Google - What is it Good For?

Quick: when I say Google, what springs to mind?

For me, it is a search engine with cute little doodles on special days.

Sometimes it is Goggle+ hangouts, but rarely, as varying connection speeds among participants make them difficult to navigate and frustrating when they freeze or have a long delay.

But Google is so much more, and I am finding this out. Among the best resources for using Google+, Larry Ferlazzo has written this article, with all cited websites focused on educator uses for Google+ (there is a wealth of information in this article, so allow yourself time to read them, or bookmark for later!).

Additionally, I just discovered Google Lit Trips, a resource that maps out a book's setting using Google Earth (we are currently using this for a lit trip on The Odyssey).

Here are "15 Killer Features" of Google Chrome that you may not know about (which I totally did not, and I am especially interested in syncing bookmarks (the ones that I don't put on Pinterest, at any rate).

There are GoogleDocs, of course, which makes sharing and peer editing documents ridiculously easy, helpful for online classes and group discussions.

Google Scholar offers scholarly research results for your search queries.

There is so much more than a search engine behind Google, as I have been finding out. See it all here, and enjoy!

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