Thursday, January 5, 2012

Benefits of Being Gifted

There are many, many myths about being gifted. Many parents of non-gifted children have the misconception that raising a gifted child is all hearts and flowers and intellectual conversations at the dinner table; gifted children are naturally curious, intuitive and motivated, right? And they always do their homework, right?

Gifted kids can be some of the least motivated and most frustrating group of students EVER. Because these myths about their intrinsic motivation perpetuate, parents of average or just really smart kids don't see the problems that come with attempting to engage a child that is sometimes smarter than you by A LOT (you know more than they do...keep that in mind).

But there are substantial benefits in being gifted, across a lifetime. This article lists the many benefits of giftedness and is worth reading, especially for parents whose gifted kid is failing the subject in which they are gifted (happens way more that one would thing. Seriously.). It is nice to know that if you can get past the perfectionism or laissez-faire approach to homework, the over- or under-achieving and the drive to know EVERYTHING or the desire to play 14 hours of videogames daily, your gifted kid will be, overall, just fine and perhaps even better than just fine.

My gift to you in 2012. :)

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  1. i am a gifted student. and i know from expeirence it hard being gifted. everyone expects so much from you.sometimes you just crack underpreauser.and give up.for example wwhen your gifted you get put in a diffrent class room and learn with diffrent students.but the fact is that you are not going to be making the same grades as you did berore.but some kids like me can handle it but others cant