Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Ultimate in Hands-On Learning

I'll cut to the chase: I'm in love, and I am inspired.

Studio H, in an effort to engage the poorest citizens of the state and teach real skills while at the same time serving a need in the area and educating the youth (oh, and earning college credit and money over the summer - little things like that), has created a curriculum based on a design/build philosophy. The curriculum is offered to juniors at a public high school, is free, runs three hours a day and culminates in the build of a final, large-scale product for the community (in year 1, a farmer's market pavillion, but also free chicken coops for locals in the fall of the school year).

Brilliant. Absolutely logical and engaging. Real. Relevant. Found out about this program via an article on Edutopia, and I think a summer road trip to the organization is in the plan.

I love it when something so simply wonderful comes to me. It's like a shiny gift from the universe, and I am grateful for it on this grey morning!


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