Friday, December 16, 2011

Resource Friday - math AND reading

I have been a bad blogger. Three days have passed without a peep. The week cannot possibly have slipped away so quickly, and I think I blog in my head (and it doesn't make it to the screen).

Hopefully, though, today's resource-gathering will make up for it. I have some good ones!


Our first resource is a visual dictionary, which seems unremarkable until you begin to play around with it and explore the connections in each entry. Then it becomes a great conversation-starter for synonyms, antonyms, word origins and application. This could also be a great way to introduce new vocabulary, or expand on the old.

iLearn Technology Blog

I found this through Twitter, and every time I click on it there is something new to explore. Some of the resources suggested are free, some are not, but all offer another way to look at curriculum and teaching with technology.

Math Pickle

Hold on to your hats. This website offers plenty of free resources and instructional ideas for applying math concepts to every day problems (including $1,000,000 unsolved problems that the author of the site is attempting to get funding for - kids solve the unsolved math problem, and they split a cool million bucks!).

Hands-On Equations

This is a tactile way to introduce algebraic concepts and equation balancing. My only gripe is that it stops at algebra 1. I think this would certainly help upper level students if it got a bit more complex, but for kids who need to see it and touch it to get it, this is a great idea. It is not free, but if it reduces math phobia and makes algebra more accessible, that is priceless!

Have a great weekend!

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