Friday, December 9, 2011

Resource Friday

Today is a little funny, a little sweet and a little serious.

Who Knew PSAs were Funny?

This is a funny, ironic take on a serious subject, done by the same guys who brought us Whole Foods Parking Lot and Yoga Girl. All three worth viewing and sharing today!

The Sweet...How Sweet It Is

Our side project for the holidays. We are Buddhist, set up a Christmas tree and light a mennorrah.  This blog with The Child and I is a new tradition that may last just one year, but we are enjoying it as we go. We have made some seriously good cookies here! Suggestions for the next 17 days are welcome, and family recipes encouraged!

The State of the States - Gifted Ed.

On to the Serious. This annual report shows how well (or not) states are doing with gifted education. Not surprisingly, gifted dollars are some of the first to go from the budget. How is your state doing?

Writing Contests

A compendium of writing contests around the interwebs.

And finally, because we love to make stuff, especially from stuff we might otherwise throw out:

CD Spectrometer

Have a great weekend!

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