Friday, December 23, 2011

Resource Friday

A collection of notable resources from the week. Happy holidays to all!

"Best of" Booklists

A collection of many different year-end "Best of" booklists for kids (picture books, fiction, etc). A great resource for building a library!

50 Educational Apps for the iPod Touch

Put that expensive toy to good use!

50 Alternatives to Traditional Book Reports

For homeschooling families, or families who have leeway in how they "prove" they read something. Lots of good ideas here that go beyond the standard poster, summary or diorama.

Scripps Spelling Bee

Here's your chance to register for the national spelling bee! Even if you do not formally participate, this is a great place to sign up (free) and get word lists and study guides that will improve spelling (even if you don't find yourself writing the words out on your hand on national TV!).

10 Ways to Use Google Maps/Earth

Everyday project ideas for the flipped classroom or homeschooler!

And finally, just for fun...

Akinator, Web Genius

Think of a famous person, real or invented, dead or alive, and this guy will guess who you are thinking of.

Happy holidays!

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