Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Christmas Carol

Once again, mad props and much love to The Shakespeare Tavern and their excellent production of A Christmas Carol. This is our second year going to this holiday show, and they just seem to get better and better (read the book here).

Thanks also (again!) to parent volunteer Mandy Conn for driving us all over the place in her spacious and accomodating Odyssey. HoneyFern is at an odd place, transportation-wise: too big for a Camry and too small for a bus, so mini-van it is. It is an excellent problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. Thanks, Mandy!!! A little plug for her that will probably embarrass her terribly and is totally unsolicited: she is an awesome professional photographer who takes gorgeous pictures. If you need some work done, leave a comment below and she will see it!

Friday's fieldtrip is to the Hindu temple in Atlanta. Can't wait!


  1. blushing:) and that temple was something, huh?!

    1. I am still in awe of that place. I am going to post pix here on Monday. I want to go back and just sit for awhile, just to look around.