Tuesday, December 11, 2012

13 Sacred Cows in Education

...and HoneyFern has already smashed nearly all of them (still working on the grading paradigm, but that is down the road as we grow). Here are the 13 sacred cows the author argues need to be done away with; read more about each in the article:

1. Uniforms and Dress Codes
2. Flags and Anthems
3. Walking in Lines
4. Timetables and Tardy Slips
5. Grades and Report Cards
6. Grouping by Age
7. Bells
8. Desks in Rows
9. Exams
10. Morning Announcemens
11. School/Classroom Rules*
12. Fixed Classroom Walls
13. Desks and Chairs

What say you? Are there other things that need to go now, or do you think this list is all wrong?

*Common sense rules, like treating each other with respect, still belong in school., as in life

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