Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Extent of My Avoidance

Today was an odd day.

I have work to do (a class to design, one that requires prep and some background building for me), and I didn't want to do it SO MUCH that I cleaned two bathrooms, made cookies, weeded the garden and handled some chicken hygiene instead (trust me when I tell you that whatever you are imagining, it was much, much worse).

And STILL there were many, many hours to fill with avoidance.

So I made breakfast for The Child and her friend, as well as lunch and dinner (The Child must think it is heaven; this rarely happens. Dinner, yes, generally, but three meals retrieved for her? In one day? Hardly ever.). This is the extent of my avoidance.

I also folded two loads of laundry. And put them away.

This is the extent of my avoidance.

I love my school, and I love what I do, but this speaks to the very deep need for something of a break. There are tasks I must complete in order to be prepared for next week, but I am going to be a little gentle with myself and allow myself a break, to avoid work a little, put some things off, maybe be less productive. Next year promises to be even more challenging than this one, with several students online only, several coming to HoneyFern regularly, and three AP classes off-site. I am going for 501(c)3 status, getting audited (at my own request; for continuing accreditation) and taking several professional development classes for the fall. I need to rejuvenate and take some time to clear my head before I move forward.

So every morning I am going to linger over coffee, pick blackberries and eat them with raw sugar, dawdle over my favorite cooking blogs and check in with my Tweeps, then maybe get started. I would like to have a little bit of summer every day, and I am sure The Child would like that, too.

Off to catch some fireflies....

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