Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday - Guiding Your Life

Today used to be Wordless Wednesday, but I think it is time to change it to Wisdom Wednesday, and today I feature Sir Ken Robinson again in a "Sunday sermon" on finding your passion. There has been some debate recently about whether or not passion in life is overrated, with the hypothesis being that you can be completely happy without being fired up daily about your work.

While I agree that every day will not be a blissful understanding and fulfillment of what you feels is your highest calling, working hard to figure out what makes you tick is valuable and important work. Of course, paying the bills is important while seeking your bliss, but simply slogging through making a living without at least considering what it all means seems to me to be a sad way to live.

So here is a long and funny lecture delivered by Sir Ken Robinson that talks about this very subject. Enjoy!

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