Saturday, April 28, 2012


I am definitely a creature of habit; I put my keys on the same hook, park in the same place, wash my face in the same pattern. I would be very easy to stalk.

I have updated my computer to IE9 (which I had eons ago before they worked out the bugs that caused me to un-install and go back to IE8), which has updated my blog (which I have not been able to get onto for a week, but I have not, admittedly, been trying very hard).

I do not love the new Blogger look. It has essentially the same functions, but everything is in a different place, and words have been replaced with icons.

I do not need icons. I like to read. Perhaps this is the main issue we are facing today in all areas: no one reads. We could probably travel through our day without reading anything longer than a bumper sticker. Every update and "advance" seems geared to removing reading from our lives as much as possible (Siri, anyone?).

It is too early on a Saturday for me to attempt to navigate this for a serious blog, so I will end now, prior to my second cup of coffee, so that this does not devolve into a rambling, decaffeinated rant. It is going to be a gorgeous day; I have already completed the second stage of limoncello making and am now going to feed livestock, visit a farmer's market, etc.

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

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