Monday, April 30, 2012

How Do You Know If It's Time for HoneyFern?

How do you know if you are ready for HoneyFern? We are a small school with big goals; we tend to take the long view of education and believe that students learn at their own pace. Here are the top ten factors in understanding if the time is right for HoneyFern:

#10:  You strive for and appreciate the core values of progressive education, including: empathy, creativity, ingenuity, passion, compassion, collaboration, communication, individual initiative, and commitment.

#9:  You want your kid to be able to explore things they are passionate about, to speed up and slow down at their pace, not the pace of a curriculum map or a classroom of 25 other kids.

#8: You believe that education occurs in the real world; you want your kid to explore and experience different things, learning hands-on as much as possible and working on projects they design (that will make a difference!).

#7: You think that your child should have more than 20 minutes for lunch, and that sometimes they should be able to lay on their back in the middle of the day, naming the shapes of the clouds.

#6: You want a rigorous, challenging curriculum that is personalized to your kid's learning style, interests and abilities....

#5: ...facilitated by a teacher whose main goal is aligned with yours: to help your kid achieve their wildest dreams.

#4: You believe that community matters, and you want your kid to be more than just a number.

#3: You reject the notion that your kid's intellectual development can be measured by a bubble sheet and look for a more holistic, portfolio-based system of assessment that, yes, does utilize grades but doesn't teach to a test.

#2: You are a homeschooler with an older kid (6th through 12th grade) who wants to explore a different model that isn't public school, OR you are a public school family with a kid who is losing their curiosity and desire to learn.

And the number one way to tell if it's time for HoneyFern....

#1: You want the best education for your kid that ignites their curiosity, honors their individuality and pushes them to do their best.

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