Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Resources!

Science on the brain this week, along with ESL and math. Here is a compendium of links that have been very helpful this week:

ESL Tutor Resources

Honestly, this is also good for plain old English classes for native speakers. Lots of clear explanations and activities for learning grammar and vocabulary!

Brain Games

A great list of interactive and sometimes kinesthetic games for kids to review parts and functions of the brain.

The Great Plant Escape

A CSI-type interactive game that explores plants. Fun for 3-6 or as an introduction for slightly older kids with less background knowledge.

Bodies - Atlanta

Our field trip this week. An amazing way to explore the human body and all of its systems. We had originally planned to study all of the body systems and then go, but I overruled me. Exploring first is so much more fun!


Interactive, problem-solving algebra for high-performing math students. Helps develop critical thinking, is self-paced and FREE. (you're welcome)

Hope you had a great week!

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