Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Big Things Are Coming!

Spring has sprung (very nearly; it was 66 degrees on Saturday, although night temperatures are still in the thirties), and along with meeting potential students for next year and finalizing a schedule of AP classes for the fall, HoneyFern is working on some pretty cool stuff. Here are just a couple things:

Thing #1: We are starting a community garden with Hollydale United Methodist Church (the church we run the food pantry out of), and one of HoneyFern's students has been asked to write a guest blog for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution website. She has done so, the blog has been accepted, and now we just need to take some pictures. Stay tuned for the blog link.

Thing #2: HoneyFern is getting trained this Saturday for another level of monitoring on our adopted stream, Olley Creek. We currently monitor chemically (pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, etc), and now we are being trained to biologically monitor. Once we learn how to count frogs (!) we will be fully trained on stream monitoring; this is a big responsibility. We are the protectors of this stream, its "first responders" if anything is wrong.

Thing #3: One student has been studying Victorian England and has moved on to westward expansion in America and the pioneers. We are planning to live like the pioneers for several days (possibly up to a week) over the summer; the plan is to spend the spring making suitable pioneer costumes and planning activities and getting a site ready, and then...out go the lights and it is cooking over a fire for us. If all goes well, we may open it up to guests.

These are just a few of the things we have going on; the design/build of the garden is going to be a big move for us, as is sewing Victorian costumes. All in a day's work! Big things ahead!

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