Saturday, February 11, 2012

Anxiety Dreams?

Last night I had an anxiety dream that focused on teaching. This is becoming less common for me. When I was teaching in public school, I had these dreams, always the same one, two to four times a month. I am in a classroom full of students, and I cannot get them to listen to me. They are walking around, talking, throwing things: anything but listening to me. I wake up frustrated and miserable.

Since I quit and started HoneyFern, I have had two in two years, and last night was the second one. This one was very different, though, and I don't know if it exactly counts as an anxiety dream anymore.

It started out the same, with me at the front of the class, kids in rows (which is also strange because I was never that kind of teacher and usually never had desks in rows), kids not listening, only this time, one of the kids stood up and told the other kids to be quiet. Then another kid stood up, and he was about seven feet tall, and he proceeded to tell all of the other students, point by point, why it was important to be quiet and pay attention. Then he looked down at me, smiled, and sat down.

This represents some sort of shift in my subconscious, and I like it.

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