Monday, March 25, 2013

We're Still Here

So much to say and do for the past two weeks, and no time for any of it! What's the haps?

1. La Petite is starting her build again. I am linking her website, but most of the pictures and updates will be posted through this blog. She has really struggled to continue with her house, and too much analysis will not be helpful at this point. So she is moving forward with her hands, and I am documenting the process.  The blog is still a great way to get to know her and to read more about the history of her house.

2. Will is building his go-kart this week! He scored an engine, painted the cart himself and is beginning the slow process of inserting tab A into slot B.

3. Sarah's hydroponic lettuce has a second set of leaves, and her greenhouse design is moving forward (she needed to rething her design after they realized that the site floods frequently and the other proposed site is too small for the original design). She is launching an Indiegogo campaign for a solar panel soon; stay tuned for more updates on her progress!

4. Ella's chickens are HUGE, and her coop is finished. They have been moved into the coop, even as the run is still being constructed because they are smelly and need more room to roam.

5. Atticus, one of our new students, has started his blog here. He is working his way through the DIY challenges, including doing things like creating his own periodic table (large, art-sized, with samples from life on there, too) and studying bees. Welcome, Atticus, and his brother, Finn!

As for the adults, thisTuesday, HoneyFern is going to a local school to hear Alfie Kohn speak. It should be very interesting; Kohn has chosen to speak at a private school, and in the past he has spoken out against private schools in general. I have gotten into arguments with him on Twitter regarding this narrow view, to no real effect. We will see what he has to say for himself; he can't really be pushing public school in a private setting.

Have a lovely Monday...

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