Friday, March 29, 2013

And the Tiny House Has Arrived..And Has Windows...Sort Of.

So we made it home without a ticket, even though we passed two of Georgia's finest. Our theory is that the officers looked at the giant box we were towing and figured that no one would be stupid enough to haul that without a permit.

Ha. Yes, we were.

But all's well that ends well, and the tiny house is in the yard where it will be finished. It's a bit cattywampus (crooked, or woppyjod, as a true Southerner might say), but it gives us plenty of room to work around the house and to let the privacy fence guys do their work this week.

As promised, some pix from yesterday.

This is us loaded up, checking the safety chain. La Petite suggested I run ahead and film the rolling vehicle, but with a bum ankle I decided against it. So we have a stationary picture:

Definitely an anxiety-producing trip. We removed the dormers to get our height down, and cleared all low-hanging branches and rogue power lines with ease; La Petite said, "Oh, we had at least ten inches to spare." #NotComforting

Our rig in the cul-de-sac:

Parking spot:

Backing in:

Where we will work; it will eventually be straightened out and moved closer to the privacy fence that is being built next week:

After we parked and leveled the house, Mama made a couple sawhorses (yes, I did!!):

And we cut out some windows; La became a pro with the Sawzall very quickly:

Final picture of the house for day two; you cannot see the bumpout from this angle, but all windows are cut:

And finally, La in Mama's sunglasses; she says she looks like an old lady (blerg), but I think she looks happy, which is priceless:

Final push with Luke today; we are wrapping the house, putting in windows and putting up the roof rafters and plywood. Ella, she of the chicken coop, and her dad Kyle are coming to help hoist the plywood up the roof (and for moral support and astonishment at our progress these three days!), and it is supposed to be gorgeous and sunny all day today. Look for our last blog tomorrow or Sunday sometime; La has a softball tournament all day Saturday, so that's where we'll be.

Have a great weekend!


  1. AWESOME!!!!! It looks great. Wonderful progress. Makes me want to start building again!

  2. It is beautiful! So happy to see your progress :)