Thursday, November 8, 2012

Worky Work, Busy Bee!!

Quick updates for the week; everything seems to be flying by, and blogging time has been limited!!

What are we doing?

1. Visiting a machine shop to get a critique of go-kart schematics;

2. Starting cooking classes with pizza, featuring homemade mozzarella, pizza crust and sauce;

3. Trying to figure out the mystery pH of our hydroponic system (4.5 one day, 7.5 five days later);

4. Working on blueprints for a chicken coop/artist space;

5. Translating children's books into French (Fancy Nancy);

6. Gearing up for a podcast with Andrew Odom, another local tiny house builder and starter of Tiny

7. Winning a $25,000 grant for board development;

8. Still recruiting an Executive Director; and

9. Adding more students!

This year is flying by, and before we know it we will be out of this location and (hopefully) into another one next fall, with at least 20 students and another teacher. If you'd like to join us, please contact HoneyFern to schedule a visit and get to know us better!

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