Wednesday, November 28, 2012

If You Only Ever Watch One Video...

...this should be it.

I admit, I ignored it for a while. I thought it was a hoax or spam. Finally, a parent told me about it today, so after all the kids left I sat down and watched.

I ended the video with tears in my eyes. Imagine the courage and willpower it took for this person to do what he did. Imagine all of the people around him who said he couldn't do it. Imagine falling on your face, literally, hundreds of times.

Now imagine getting back up, hundreds of time. Imagine feeling how much every joint ached, seeing the scorn in people's faces, and doing it anyway. Imagine changing your life so completely that you go from being practically immobile and trapped in a wheelchair to doing whatever you can imagine a body physically doing. Imagine that all it takes is the doing of it, and faith in yourself.

Imagine that.

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