Sunday, October 9, 2011

Alfie Kohn, How Do I Love Thee?

Once again, Alfie Kohn manages to sum up in ten points some common sense that isn't so common. In "Ten Obvious Truths We Shouldn't Ignore" Kohn points out the following:

1. Memorized material = forgotten material
2. Knowing lots of facts doesn't mean you're smart.
3. Students are more likely to learn what they are interested in.
4. Students are more likely to work if they have some say in what they are learning.
5. Just because X raises standardized test scores doesn't mean X should be done.
6. Students are more likely to succeed in a place that knows their name - relationships, people!
7. We want holistic development, not lop-sided development.
8. Harder does not necessarily mean better.
9. Kids are not short adults!
10. Substance over labels.

I encourage you to read the whole article and check out the links. Alfie Kohn is one of the inspirations for HoneyFern, and his work continues to motivate us to go beyond and do better!

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