Tuesday, July 3, 2012

AWESOME news! Your Child is For Sale!

Two AWESOME stories from Education Week today (please read the previous sentence dripping with sarcasm).

First, the poll regarding teacher and public exposure to the Common Core Standards, where the choice that indicated that teachers heard the most about the standards was...wait for it... A LOT.

I wouldn't let my dog write an essay that included the words "a lot" to indicate anything. "A lot" is a vague, ridiculous term that is used to measure pretty much nothing. "A lot" of ice cream for me isn't even close to what "a lot" of ice cream is for my child. Ask a person in Calcutta, India what "a lot" of space is, then ask the average American.

Even better? The teachers who selected that they heard "some," "not much," or "nothing at all" then voted on whether or not the "some," "not much," or "nothing at all" that they heard struck them favorably or unfavorably. #Awesome.

And in the second AWESOME NEWS post of the day, ACT, Incorporated announced that they are rolling out a whole new set of tests on career and college readiness for grade 3-10. Just what kids need!! More tests! These tests are "pegged to the Common Core Standards" and give "the whole picture of a student."

I can't even gather my thoughts enough to rail against this properly, I am so incensed. ACT, Inc. says the tests "fill a niche" and are "next generation." This is just another way for companies to make money on your kids. Are we developing smaller schools with more opportunities for kids? Are we adequately supplying our teachers with materials and technologies to explore the world outside the class via the internet? Are we encouraging our kids to get out into field experiences and projects off school grounds so they can apply what they are learning?

No, No and NO. We are, instead, repackaging the same standards in different order with bigger words and selling districts a package of lies about how these tests will improve education.  Public education is doomed. Buy, buy, buy. Your child is for sale, and so is their education.

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